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Don't Get a Nose Job Until You've Read This!

Because of trauma, people making fun of you, or injuries you suffered in the past, you might not be happy with how your nose looks. Maybe it's not just the aesthetics, but more so the functionality, as in it's hard to breathe through your nose.

There's a simple fix - get a Rhinoplasty... It sounds like a big word but it's just a fancy way of saying Nose job. Fun Fact: A Nose job is actually in the top 10 of most sought after cosmetic surgery procedures.


Well, to start off, our noses are made of cartilage, small bones, and soft tissue. These 3 elements create the look and shape of your nose. Because of this simple fact, the rhinoplasty is a bit complex and intricate. Any small changes to these components can drastically change the overall look of your nose.

During the surgical procedure, the surgeon will likely work on each of these individual parts to make sure the nose is prime - both looks-wise and functionally.


1. Change the look of your nose

This would be called cosmetic rhinoplasty. You can alter your nose to how you want it to look. It might only need very minor changes in that situation, but in other cases, it might take more alterations to make it wider, bigger, smaller, thinner, etc... The surgeon will discuss what he or she recommends for your specific case.

2. To improve breathing

Due to injuries to the nose, bad genetics, or growths inside the nasal passage, a rhinoplasty would certainly help by fixing the structure of your nose. For this type of a procedure, the septum will likely be altered so that air can flow thorough the nose more efficiently.


At the end of the day, the decision is yours to make. As mentioned, the main reason for your decision can rely on undesired physical attributes, or physical problems with your breathing. Some specific reasons would be the following:

· A wide nose

· A crooked septum that makes the nose off-center & hard to breathe

· Cosmetic irregularities due to injury

· A bump on the bridge

· A thick or asymmetric tip of the nose


There are so many surgeons that can perform a rhinoplasty, but you need to have a surgeon with extensive experience whom you can fully trust to delivers amazing results. The main factor is level of experience!

Nose Job in Glendale, CA

At Brand Surgical Institute, a multi-specialty surgical center, we have high-level surgeons who have years upon years of experience making people more beautiful and more comfortable by performing rhinoplasties. Plus we have monthly specials on nose jobs, so feel free to come in for a complimentary consultation to discuss your next step.

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