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6 Tips to Keep the Pounds Off as you head into 2020!

Be proud of yourself for wanting to head into the New Year wanting to eat cleaner and healthier. But remember, it doesn’t end with the “want”… You have to put in the hard work.

To get started, you need a plan. Follow these 6 steps and you’ll be on the right path to your weight loss dreams!

1. Get Rid of all the Temptations

Head into your kitchen and throw away all the dirty foods that you have. Foods like chips, cookies, cakes, soda, and all the other junk food needs to be discarded. This is an extremely important step, since you’ll be about 20 times more tempted if you have these foods laying around at home. If you don’t throw them away, you’ll wake up at 2 a.m. to run to your pantry, grab some chips, and devour the entire family-sized bag.

Instead, store up healthy foods like:

· Lean Meat (chicken, turkey…)

· Fish

· Egg Whites

· Raw Veggies

· Fresh Fruits

· Protein Bars

2. Write Down Your Goals in a Journal

If you really want to see a change, document everything. A journal is a great place to start, or even use a food diary. This will help you structure your weight loss plan. Add all your goals to one page, then put it somewhere that you will always be able to see it (such as the fridge). Not only will the fridge be in front of your eyes, but it will also be the one place that holds the key to your weight loss- since most of your food is stored in the fridge. Getting that reminder every time will work wonders.

3. Set Dates Along with the Goals

It wouldn't be wise to just jot down your goal and move on. You have to have a date to go along with it. If not, you can easily get into the “Okay, I’ll start my diet next time” or “I’ll start my diet tomorrow.” Instead of this nonsense, add the date you’re starting on that goal and mark it down in your calendar. It’s a great technique to make sure you stick it through with your goal.

4. Take Pictures of Yourself Along the Way

Use your phone to take photos every week in your swimsuit or bikini. Take the pictures at different angles and track your progress. Sometimes even your scale can lie to you by saying you gained 3 pounds, when in reality you look much skinnier. Rest assured – this is likely due to the fact that you gained 3 pounds of muscles while losing the stubborn fat. So instead of contemplating this, just refer back to your photos that you took. That way, you'll be more aware of what’s actually changing and taking place.

5. Make Smaller Objectives along the Way

It’s much easier to move a rock than a mountain. Take smaller steps in between your goals to get to the end-goal in a smoother fashion. Just try these weekly changes that will be easier to accomplish:

Week One: Take stairs instead of elevators

Week Two: Eat a Vegetarian meal once a week

Week Three: Eliminate all fried foods

Week Four: Drink 7 glasses of water a day

6. Have Realistic Expectations

Keep in mind that you didn’t gain all that weight in one week… So it’s not going to take one week to get rid of it. You have to understand that you are in this for the long-term results. You are in a 10 round boxing match, not a 1 round one. Once you come to grips with this, you will be able to realistically change you diet into a healthy one, and make it last a lifetime.

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