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Are You an Emotional Overeater? See if You Match Any of These 6 signs!

Do you continue eating even after you’re full? Do you start eating when you’re stressed?

It may not be obvious to you, but there might be something deeper in the works. You might be feeling a hunger that is a much deeper type of hunger… One that you can’t seem to satisfy even if you stuff yourself w/ food. You don’t have room left, yet you won’t stop eating.

If this hits home with you, then you might be one of the many people in America who suffer from emotional overeating.

Don’t worry though… There is a way out of it, BUT you need to understand 2 key things:

1.) You have to accept that you have a problem.

2.) You have to understand what causes your overeating.


1. Negative Emotions - By eating, uncomfortable emotions like sadness, loneliness, anger, shame, etc. are temporarily numbed; just like a drug would do. The act of eating by nature takes you away from facing your emotions and just puts a blanket of satisfaction and euphoria over them.

2. Being Stressed - When we are stressed out, it leads to our body wanting to eat. It’s not just a mental thing - When we are stressed our body produces cortisol, which triggers a need for salty food, fried food, or sweet food.

3. Memory Attachments - Do the memories from birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and family events remind you of certain foods? Well, the cause of your overeating might be because you are trying to relive those moments and conjure up those memories again.

4. Boredom - Have you ever been bored and decided to just grab the bag of chips in your kitchen? Well, that's a response to being bored… You want to be distracted, and the way you do that is by snacking and spending time on eating.

5. Habits - Because of the way your parents might have rewarded you when you were a child: giving you cookies when you were sad, or taking you out for ice cream when you got good grades, etc. - The behavior stuck with you. These emotional habits can still come back to haunt you and cause you to overeat.

6. Social Situations - It’s extremely fun to go out with friends, but be careful… It can easily lead to overeating. You might be full already, but if everyone else is ordering fries, trust me you’ll want to order fries too. The temptation will most likely over-power your strength.


Want to take the next step toward freedom from emotional overeating? Talk with one of our Bariatric Doctors at Brand Surgical Institute. They have a ton of experience with eating problems and you can get a free consultation with them! Just give us a call at (818) 243-9999… You’ll be glad you did it!

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