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3 Common Myths about Teen Weight-Loss Surgery That You Need To Know!

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Weight gain is a common issue for teenagers in the US, and most teens lose self-confidence because of it. A leading Bariatric Surgeon in Glendale, California recently cleared up some myths associated with weight loss surgery for teens. They shared how weight loss surgery can help teenagers struggling with excess weight that doesn’t come off even after healthy diet and exercise.

Myth 1

Weight Loss Surgery is Not Right for Teenagers

Fact 1

According to a leading Bariatric Surgeon in Glendale, California, adolescence can be the perfect time to have a weight loss surgery because you will be more likely to see a lot of improvement in your life and say goodbye to old health issues. The logic behind this, is that teenagers who opt for a weight loss surgery have had the health issues due to excess weight for a short period of time compared to adults who have been dealing with such problems for years.  

Myth 2

Weight Loss Surgery May Hamper the Growth or a Teenager

Fact 2

This is not true. Even research has proven that teens who have weight loss surgery are usually taller than teens who didn’t opt for weight loss surgery even if they needed one.

Myth 3

Weight Loss Surgery is a Shortcut for Lazy Teens

Fact 3

No ethical and honest Bariatric Surgeon will conduct a procedure if he or she thinks that the kid or teenager can lose weight by following a clean diet or doing enough exercise. Most patients need to undergo a special program before the surgery to confirm their eligibility for surgery. Also, the patients do need to follow a specific lifestyle post the surgical procedure to sustain the results and live healthily in the long run.

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